Where can i attend the pride parade?

Stonewall witnessed a riot in the year 1969. It was against the New York police who were misbehaving with the LGBTQ community. The fight went on for a long time and gathered almost 1000 people by the next morning. The LGBTQ community was done with the harassment and narrow-minded behavior of the people around them. It was high time for them to raise their voice. They broke the silence and fought for their rights. They gathered together and showed their power.

But the important question is, did they get any positive result from this fight?

Yes, they did. The step that they took against the New York police led to the beginning of a new culture. The culture that we call the ‘Pride Parade’.

The very next year of this protest, New York witnessed the world’s first Pride Parade. The parade was so powerful that it gathered about 5000 people in the year 1970. The name ‘Pride’ signifies that the LGBTQ society is proud of them. Their idea is to bring change in the way their community is treated. 

The first-ever Pride Parade in India was held in the year 1999 in the city of major movements, Kolkata. Although it could collect only 15 members, it was a success. How was that a success then?

We call it a success because this movement gave rise to the Pride Parade in more than 21 cities across India. The number of people gathering courage and showing up on the streets to support the community is surreal.

Trib Fashion is a part of the courageous team. They have been producing fully customized apparel and accessories, especially for the LGBTQ community. After receiving awesome support from the community, they are organizing the Rainbow Food Fest aka Trib Fest.

This extravagant event will include the famous Pride Parade to support the stronger than ever LGBTQ community. To make it extra fun and pampering, Trib fashion will be organizing fashion shows, a talent hunt contest, some dance and band performances by the LGBTQ community, and a confession booth.

Ooo, that’s going to be fun. If that’s what you are thinking, there’s more to blow your mind.

They are planning to give chance to piercing artists, hairstylists, and merchandise shops, especially for the community. Did I mention our star tattoo artist? You can get a permanent or temporary tattoo from our super-talented tattoo artists. Is there something else that we are missing?

Of course yes. How can anyone forget about discounts? There are going to be heavy discounts on everything. I mean, how can we even call this an event without discounts, right?

This dreamy Rainbow fest is expected to take place in the mid of year 2021. Most probably, we will be seeing this in reality in April, May, or June. Get your party boots on and gather your gang to rock the Rainbow Fest.

And, who said there is so much for the fest? It’s just 4 months from now!

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