What are the different types of sexualities?

Heard somebody talking aloud about sexuality? If you said yes, you are among the very few open-minded people who don’t consider this as a taboo.

According to research, 92% of teenagers who belong to the LGBTQ community are afraid to talk about sexuality. They have seen people from their community, having a hard time in society. So, they try to zip up their lips and act as so-called normal.

But wait; do you exactly know how many types of sexuality exists? I bet the maximum population is uneducated about this. 

So, here are the ‘not so common’ sexuality that people fear talking about.

  • Homosexual                       

This is by far the most common term that people must have heard after heterosexual (which is referred to as straight). When there is feelings among same gender, the community is called a homosexuals. For example, a boy having romantic feelings for a boy is a part of the homosexual community, which is commonly known as gay. Similarly, two women in love with each other are called lesbians.

  • Bisexual

Bisexuals are a community of people who aren’t sure if they are attracted by the same or opposite gender. They have feelings for members of both genders.

A similar yet confused community is Biromantic. They aren’t sexually attracted to either the same or opposite gender but they have romantic feelings for both.

It is said that there is no control over how the hormones are going to behave. And to be honest, hormones are a tough game! 

  • Asexual

People with an Asexual identity don’t find any group of people sexually attractive. They usually don’t feel attracted towards either the same or opposite gender. This isn’t the case with everybody but with the majority.

  • Heterosexuals

Heterosexuals don’t need an explanation. They belong to the ‘straight’ category. They have all sorts of romantic and sexual feelings for people of the opposite gender.

Based on some facts and points, Transgender and Cisgender are also considered as heterosexuals. Transgender is the community of people who have the body of one gender and their hormones and feelings is of the opposite gender. It’s like they have been given birth in the wrong body, considering the gender.

  • Bicurious

The community of Bicurious people are the one’s who are still exploring their identity. They aren’t sure if they are attracted to similar or the opposite gender. They are still questioning their hormones concerning their alignment.

  • Demisexual

This sexual condition is a little unique. The people of this community are normally not attracted to anybody. They tend to develop feelings only in specific situations. For example, if someone is trying to get involved with them romantically, then their hormones start to react.

  • Pansexual

A pansexual community is a group of people who find anyone attractive regardless of their gender, age, or sexuality. Their feelings aren’t bounded by any boundaries. They are unaware of whom they are going to have feelings for.

  • Non-Libidoist Asexual

They are the sexually inactive section of society. What does that mean?

They lie in the asexual spectrum and they don’t experience any romantic or sexual feelings. It is said that they have an inactive sex drive.

  • Pomosexual

Someone who was not aware that there are multiple sexualities can find the above information overwhelming.

But think about those, who are aware of all of them but still can’t fit in any. Pomosexuals are a group of people who don’t consider themselves a part of any sexuality label. Pomosexual may not necessarily be considered as identity.

  • Sapiosexual

This is extremely interesting sexuality. The people belonging to this community are not attracted to someone based on gender. They are attracted based on intelligence. How cool is that, isn’t it?

  • Skoliosexual

The people who are sexually attracted to the non-cisgender are called Skoliosexual. The non-cisgender category may include identities that come under genderqueer, trans, and nonbinary. 

The determination of sexuality is based on an individual’s hormones. We humans don’t get to choose the sexual identity we want. It’s all decided by the supreme power that is running this Earth. Moreover, if we switch from spiritual talking to scientific discussion, it’s the hormones to blame for.

The teenagers have very little to no knowledge about hormonal changes and sexuality. So, we must treat every individual equally. If someone is struggling to find their identity, don’t push them to darkness. Instead, make them feel like everyone else in the community. Let them explore themselves and find their peace at their own pace.

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