Section 377

Let’s discuss the topic of debate that has its root from as early as 1533. Let’s talk about something that was considered against the law of nature, something that was considered equivalent to rape.

You might be scratching your head about what it could be. I am talking about the long-fought war of Section 377. The war between the humans created by God and the rules men created under the name of God.


The war began in the year 1533 in the presence of King Henry Vill. The law stated carnal intercourse performed against the law as a punishable offense. The law imposed a heavy fine along with imprisonment if found indulging in such activities. From the 16th century to 2015, the LGBTQ community held their spirit high and kept fighting. It was in the year 2018 when the war came to an end and the LGBTQ community got its independence.

After multiple controversies and judgment, India got to witness a remarkable judgment by Chief Justice Ajit Prakash Shah and Justice S. Muralidhar. They gave a green signal to consensual sex among adults. They made sure that this judgment remained in force until section 377 was amended.

How Section 377 affected the LGBTQ Community

The day on which section 377 was taken down, can be considered as the second birthday of the LGBTQ community. It gave them the courage to step forward and reveal their identity to society. Naz foundation says they can see the community growing strongly. The community was finally free from the criminal tag.

But after talking to some people of the same community, we found that the battle was only half won. They got their rights in the court, but couldn’t get their hands on them in society. They weren’t criminals anymore, but they couldn’t even be managers. The gap that exists between the courtroom and reality is huge.

But when we look at the brighter side of the historic decision, we can see the power, the strength, the love, the real happiness of winning. The one’s who were living in the darkness of their sexuality are now free to explore their boundaries. Oh, is there a boundary now? Of course not!

A life lived on one’s terms is the best form of freedom. Now the LGBTQ community is coming up in every field. We have trans beauty pageant, trans working officials, and whatnot. It definitely might have taken a lot of courage, but the satisfaction from the result was worth the fight.

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