LGBTQ Movies

September 6, 2018 was a historic day for the LGBTQ community. It was their day, the day when they finally won their rights and respect. But did we, the so-called common people have accepted them completely.

Let’s find out.

Bollywood has the maximum number of eyeballs on them. But how many filmmakers are taking initiative to come up with a script that includes the LGBTQ community for the leading role? Unfortunately, there aren’t many to be counted. From the early days of Bollywood, we have witnessed the LGBTQ community as a part of comedy. Luckily, a few directors and writers have taken a step forward and offered them a leading role.

This conversion of mindset for respect wasn’t easy. It took decades and fights to give the LGBTQ community an equal place in society. We are so used to watching a girl getting married to a boy that the picture of girls kissing or men holding hands makes us freak out.

Allow me to help you in not thinking straight. I am leaving you with a list of bollywood initiative plotted on the LGBTQ community. It will allow you to breathe the fresh air and picture a real-life situation without differentiation. Aligarh, Gulabi Aaina, My Brother Nikhil, Dear Dad, Kapoor & Sons, Ek ladki ko dkha toh aisa lga, Bombay, and Loev are some of my favourite.

Made in heaven 

Amazon originals, where Tara Khanna and Karan Mehra are the owners of a Wedding planning company named ‘Made in Heaven’. Tara was the wife of a wealthy businessman but had the ambition to run her own business. Karan is the homosexual character of the series. Along with showing the reality of so-called, high-class weddings, it showcases the problems faced by homosexuals. You will get to see the challenges faced by Karan. You will even get to see the life of homosexuals who weren’t able to accept their sexuality. All in all, it is an awesome series to get introduced to the community.

Margarita with a straw

Margarita with a straw is a film directed by Shonali bose. It portrays the story of a teenager who is specially-abled with cerebral palsy. This movie shows the relationship of her with a blind girl. I would say, it’s the perfect blend of emotions and challenges. This beautiful story has acquired great recognizations. It’s a well-presented plot to understand the relation between lesbians.


The plot of the story is set up in rural Kerala. The movie shows a clear picture of how society behaves with the homosexual and also how their families are affected. It is a Malayalam feature film and was aired in the year 2004. This Jury award-winning movie revolves around the love story of Kiran and Delilah. A must watch, I would say.

There aren’t so many movies that provoked upliftment of the LGBTQ community as of now. But as the fresh breeze is entering Bollywood, the directors and writers are coming up with some creative ways to uplift the LGBTQ community. Along with them, it’s our responsibility to appreciate their hard work to retain normalizing homosexuality.

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