LGBT Store in Kolkata

The land of sweet and sweetness also encourages the concepts of LGBT community well. Hence, Kolkata is up with the best LGBT brand Trib Fashion. Trib Fashion has a motto to promote equality through their exquisite collections of clothing. All you need to do is pick one and wear to look glamorous.

Affordable rating and promotes equality through best quotes and taglines on their outfits. You can check out their official website.

LGBT Community (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) people are difficult to accept especially in an orthodox society of nations like India. So, prominent brands like TRIB Fashion have come up with exclusive merchandise to encourage the “Acceptance of LGBT Community”. It’s amazing. Rainbow shades hoodies, trousers, denims and lots more for any individual who belongs to this LGBT community.

TRIB Fashion is a popular fashion brand that showcases a comprehensive range of LGBT merchandise and LGBT Pride accessories It is one of the best LGBT stores in India. Just like every brand, it has special features and uniqueness and these are as follows:

1. Affordable: Just like normal brands, TRIB Fashion merchandise is affordable and has cool merchandise and other accessories. You can also purchase the goodies and accessories in bulk quantity too.

2. Quality: High quality products and customer satisfaction are our mottos. Quality is what we offer and customer satisfaction and loyalty is what we seek. It helps us to show how particular we are while producing quality products. Our team tries to focus on quality and quantity all together.

3. Boost your self-confidence: Can clothing boost your self confidence? Yes , of course they can. TRIB Fashion has an exclusive range of finest quality clothing with motivation quotes and taglines that builds up your confidence. That is why we differentiate ourselves from other textile brands. Why not? We always have had a motto to become the best LGBT Store in India and across the world.

4. Various colors: Someone rightly said life is indeed colourful with colourful clothing. TRIB Fashion has 15+ colours for all the merchandise and accessories. It makes you look excellent and you can wear them anytime and anywhere. Customized clothing includes t-shirts, mugs and lots more. Wait no more but visit

5. One stop solution: TRIB Fashion is a virtual store for all the young chics and boys. You can pick anything from mobile covers, accessories, face masks, tshirts, stuffed toys, blazer and lots more. Likewise, if you wish to have any good gifts for your loved ones and friends, you can grab any quantity online.

6. Durability: When it comes to the quality of clothing, TRIB Fashion compromises nothing. If you are looking for clothing for a longer and rough use, our clothing is the best you can ever use. Wear them anywhere, anytime with trousers, denims, skirts or shorts, they will just make you perfect.

7. Creative: If you are looking for creative and funky tshirts, TRIB Fashion has exquisite collections. The only apparel and LGBT clothing centre across India that will never make you look mediocre.

Throughout the twentieth century, the concept of LGBT is existing. Fashion with a queer and gay essential is still developing in our nation. Nowadays, many LGBTQ merchandizes are seen everywhere. In the good olden days, Homosexual culture was not legal and people had a mindset that it should be stopped on an immediate base. But today, we see that the world is advancing in every term and young people have become flexible and they have started accepting the LGBT community. Likewise, many brands have started manufacturing gay apparels and transgender clothes, jewelleries, stuffed toys, LGBT Flags and lots of interesting accessories.

Hence, TRIB Fashion is one of such interesting brands that not only provides you accessories and apparels but also fully supports the LGBT community and its existence. Motivational taglines on the merchandise boost their confidence and it gives an excellent message to accept people and bonds as they are.

Couple clothing:

Marriages are made in heaven, no matter which sexuality you belong to. TRIB Fashion believes in the same. Couple shirts or Mr-Mr and Mrs-Mrs mobile covers are just for you. Affordable merchandise lets you love freely. Freedom, respect and love, we spread it all.