How to come out of a closet?

The irony is all of us are carrying a heavy closet build around us of our true selves. It can be about everything you are hiding or feel ashamed of to bring in front of society, everything you are hiding about the unique talents/lifestyles just because it does not fit the man-made society norms. The day the closet of yours gets loaded to the top, exploding out will be the only option left. But why do we have to wait till it gets full? Why don’t we just come out of it before even building a closet to hide the real us in front of society? Our closets push us apart, and make us curb our authentic selves to appear “normal.”

But the question is what is normal? Is your normal similar to mine? Who defines normal? The biggest decision for all LGBTQ individuals is whether to disclose their sexuality or gender identity. The decision to be out of the closet is an incredibly complex one in which all queer individuals have to evaluate the benefits versus costs. In general, staying in the closet and not disclosing one’s sexuality or gender identity can be incredibly caustic. There are a lot of unanswered questions about the society which we have been fighting every day. Coming out is both the hardest and the best experience, but being open with your authentic self is a lifelong process. Let’s take a step out of the closet and just be who we are and be proud of it?   

These cognitive activities of preoccupation and vigilance can result in affective responses of guilt, shame, demoralization, and depression. Coming out of the closet might take you time and effort but at the end everything is worth it and you know that too.

How you tell people can be as important as what you tell them. Dig into these ideas to make sure the other person understands you in a better way.

  • With pride in your heart first, start by accepting and treating yourself the way real you deserve. Open up beautiful, forget what other thinks.
  • Talking is the real way out they say. So, go talk about going to Pride; talk about supporting LGBT+ organizations. Talk and let the world know about it.
  • Nobody can ever understand you the way your family will. Fortunately, it isn’t that easy but luckily, if told them the right way, they will definitely support you. Start with showing your actual lifestyle interests in front of your family, educate them about the ongoing fests and campaigns.
  • Another way to keep the closet doors open is to be out in professional communications. Aware people around you about your opinions about your community. Speak up for5 yourself, and let your voice be the change for you and the whole LGBTQ community.

    None of us chose to go into the closet, but we can choose to come out”

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